Pin it, did it: banana bread

Banana bread

Hi Frenchies!
It’s been a long time since I posted a “Pin it, did it” post 😉
I was very active this morning, after a half an hour work-out I decided to make some banana bread! Yummie!
My favoriete recipe is one I’ve found on Pinterest (of course, whereelse?) It’s also the first recipe I’ve made with the US metrics system ( you know, cup instead of gram of ml) and I found it very easy to make.
The recipe is not mine, I use hers. I have made some changes or I should beter say I add a few ingredients. My personal touch is some cinnamon and ginger. I like how it combines with the banana and the blueberries.
Every one in my home loves this bread, it nevers stay longer on the counter 😉
For the Weight Watchers addict, one loaf counts 12 slides and one slide is 4 points.
Let me know if you have tried this recipe and what’s your secret ingredient 😉


Miss Frenchy

Best stuffed porc recipe ever! Review






Hi Frenchies,
Today a Weight Watchers proof recipe review. I often go Pinterest to look for recipe. And ,oh big surprise, I found this recipe there! It’s from Skinny Taste actually, you can find a whole lot of Weight Watchers proof recipes there.
As a big cheese eater, I was attracted to this recipe because it mentionned brie!! the pear/prosciutto/brie combo seemed to be a combo from heaven.
The recipe mentions chicken breast but I didn’t have some in my fridge so I used porc, which I think is a good alternative.
I served it with Brussels sprouts and basmatit rice. The hubby also enjoyed this dish which makes it easy to eat healthy.
Before it goes in the oven.
Tada! after 25 minutes. Enjoy!