Weigh in Tuesday- Week 33 2015

When  reality hits back….
reality hits back
This picture has been taken last weekend. My hart broke little when i saw it at the end of the day… It was a great day though, I enjoyed being  on the eiland with my family and relatives. It was sunny and warm and we had a very lovely day. Until I saw this.  I felt (and still do) huge. And also shame because it’s a pity what I do to myself actually. I could be much slimmer and prettier but also a better role model for my boy. I know I should be awake now and doing all I can to make changes but right now, i would do anything for some chocolate…
I’m not saying I’m giving up because I’m not. Not at all. We have the chance to still have some vacation planned for us so I will go first on holidays wiht my family and when we will be back, relaxed and full new energy, we (yes, hubby will also have to make some changes) will go for it.
I may have to review my goals as to lose 1kg a week. I will post my new goals and strategy after our vacay.
Here are my stats for the past week.

 Weigh in Tuesday week 34

I hope to see you all very soon again!
Miss Frenchy
PS: I’m working on a website also. Keep you posted!

Weigh in Tuesday- week 29 2015

HI Frenchies!
A week has passed by and it’s Weigh in Tuesday.
So first, the stats for this week:

weigh in week 29

Yes, you read it wel, I’ve lost over my goal of 1 kg/week!! But to say the truth it doesn’t feel really good as it should. I haven’t done as much exercises as I planned, I ate more than I planned but I also learned a few things about me.
1. I am, actually, not a runner. I did enjoy it much more before I got a child and since then I have found myself looking for excuses not to go. Something tells me I should look for another fysical activity.
2. Last wednesday I had terrible stomach ache, all day. I felt horrible all day but due to this discomfort I wanted to eat sweet food like chocolate and cake. Odd right? Or maybe not so. I realize I had difficulty to accept I wasn’t at easy. And grabbing to food is my way to cope with it. So I decide to do some ready on emotional eating.
Anyway, I have lost my goal so I decide to look at the bright side and do even better this week!
Up to the next weightloss!!!


Love, Miss Frenchy

Weigh in Tuesday- week 28-2015

Hi Frenchies!
Last week I have decided to track my weightloss journey weekly. I have to say last week was a very strange week, it was hot, hotter hottest! We reached temperatures of ver 30 degrees Celsius! It’s very high for our little frog country as we call it.
My stats for this week:
 week 28 2015
As you can see I drop 400gr. It might not be much but due to the hot weather I didn’t exercise and ate more salty stuff. nevertheless, I’m happy!!
Weightloss wise: I came to the conclusion that if I loose 1kg a week, I will reach my goal before the end of the year!! Therefore I made a plan:
  • running with my workgroup on wednesday and alone on monday
  • jazz dancing on thursday
  • yoga at work once in two week
  • follow my Weight Watchers plan
One kilo a week sound very reasonalbe and do-able! Now i have to go and do it!

do it now


To our successes!
Miss Frenchy

Failure is not final?

failure is not final

I found this quote on line as i was looking for a nice picture/quote about Failure. I feel like I’m in this place, Failure. I’m tired, quite undecided about what I want and what I can and my weight watchers fight is losing… I’m kind of down. I want to give up on my goal to be healthy, slim and active. Let me just be fat and on the couch 😦
On the other hand I’m not quite ready to totally give up. I think sometimes life happens, you get tired and you lose track and motivation. Maybe I should just be more kind to myself, more comprehensive and give myself some time to get some energy and get my motivation back.
While looking over the net for quote on failure I just came very positive quote accross. This one “Failure is not Final” resonates in me. It seems to be that Failure has nothing to do with something negative because from failure you can learn and get wiser to succeed.
So yes Failure is not final, today I will accept that life is not that fun and easy but tomorrow I will go to my Weight Watchers meeting 😉
Can you relate to this feeling? I’d like to know 🙂



The first kilo is off!!




The first 1,5 kg to be precise! As I have mentioned in an earlier post I want to continue my Weight Watchers journey in 2015 and it’s promising! I’m quite happy that it’s that easy to get back on track after the holiday 🙂

Since I’ve entered the WW way of life I have looked over Pinterest , Instagram and the web for ideas for recipes. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I follow a French girl Olivia which post a lot of great pictures of her meals. She had a blog on Blopgspot but she also started a new blog/website on wordpress.

If you are French of able to read French I can recomend you fo start follwoing her! She has great recipes and she has a nice way to write full of humour. You can find her here.

A new week has already started over here and tonight I’m going to run for the 2sd time this week! I made a promise to myself to treat myself a nice running gear if I’m able to train 4 weeks on a row!!

Thanks for passing by to my blog!

See you soon Frenchies!