Pin it, did it: 4-ingredient Peanut butter chocolate cookies

Hi Frenchies,
As you may know now, i am a HUGE fan of Pinterest. And my bords on Pinterest are full with ideas I want to try.
So I thought it should be time to do so, right? I want to share with you the result of my experiments.
Today, I choose to start with the 4-ingredient Peanut butter chocolate cookies.

the original tittle


First the 4 ingredients:

Just 4 simple ingredients

– 1 egg
– Sugar
– chocolate nibs
– Peanut Butter









After some mixing and kneeding in little balls, it’s ready to go in the oven!
in the oven

  in the oven




And after a few minutes, (4 and a half more than the original receipt mentioned) I took the first bite 🙂

the first! Still warm ….MMMM….

Final judgement:
Great recipe, easy to follow and well explained. And the cookies are delicious!!!
sterretjes sterretjessterretjessterretjessterretjes

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